Do I Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Published on 5/5/2023

Everyone faces the possibility of moving at least once in their life. Either it is a move from across the city or across the whole country, we have heard it all. Maybe you are not moving but you feel like you need more space to store your belongings. If you find yourself in this position and are looking into getting a storage unit you may have already researched your options. There are always standard units and then there are climate controlled units. You may think you are not storing anything that could be perishable or expire but there are some factors you should always take into account when comparing different storage unit types. 

The question of whether or not you need a climate controlled storage unit for your things will depend on a number of factors:

1) Location: Are you looking for storage in the South, where the weather ranges from moderately warm to scorching hot throughout the year? Weather and location may have an effect on the items you store. If you use a unit that doesn’t have some methods of air control and cooling, especially in the South the humidity can rise and drop unexpectedly. 

2) Items: Any perishable items should not be put in storage, if it can go bad do not store it. Non-perishable items may not fare well in a storage unit that gets hot. The amount of items you plan to keep while you move or clean out your current home may also determine your rental needs.

3) Price: What can you afford in terms of long-term storage? Prices will vary, so it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best deals. It never hurts to ask a storage facility if they will give you a discount for paying so many months up front. If you plan on renting a unit for a shorter term you will want to ask around and see if people offer month to month. Here at Dillon Secure Storage we have climate controlled units and we offer rentals month to month. We only require a 10 day move out notice.

You may discover when looking and comparing different storage facilities in the area, that most offer different types of units. Some may be standard units some may be indoor or warehouse units (always clarify if they are just inside a building or if the building has AC) and some may be temperature/climate controlled. Climate control units are always in high demand, most rental facilities may inform you that they will accept no responsibility for damaged items. No matter the type of unit you are currently renting. That said, you may wish to consider a climate-controlled unit for the purpose of keeping your possessions safe and free of mold and mildew. Most storage facilities will require you to have some kind of tenant protection or insurance in place, if you are not self insured just ask the facility if they offer insurance plans or if you would need to out source for one. There are also a number of items one should not keep in storage in the event they succumb to the elements. These include but are not limited to:

1) Antiques: If you have anything of value – a fragile vase, an old chest of drawers, or a painting, or anything of sentimental value – you may be cautious to use storage that is not climate-controlled.

2) Papers and plastics: Leave items made of these in a non climate controlled storage unit after a while, and you may find the material has become brittle. Paper items run the risk of becoming damp and moldy from humidity. 

3) Anything flammable and/or corrosive: This includes paints, batteries, and lighter fluids (including vehicles that may contain gasoline or oil). These types of items should never be stored at any kind of self storage facility.   

If you are unsure of the type of storage that is right for you, reach out to a storage facility and ask any questions that you may have. They will be able to help you more over the phone than you may think. Knowing where your stuff will go and the process of renting a storage unit will give you a better idea of its safety and peace of mind.